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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education

The Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education outlines a number of agreements between universities and international students studying in the Netherlands. More specifically, it contains guidelines on relations with international students. The document consists of, for example, specific language requirements and an agreement on the quality of education provided to international students. Educational institutions are obliged to sign the Code of Conduct in order to grant resident permits to non-EU students. (source

Inter College Business School is a higher education institute (university of applied sciences), appointed by the Government in 1997 and accredited by de NVAO. The school is dedicated to providing an exceptionally high quality of education, inspiring the business talent of tomorrow.

The Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education has been approved by Inter College Business School on the basis of article 7.2 sub-paragraph c of the Higher Education and Research Act of the Netherlands (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek (WHW)).

Article 7.2 states that Dutch accredited higher education should be taught in the Dutch language and examinations and assessments should be taken in Dutch. It states that Dutch accredited higher education institutes can offer Dutch accredited programmes in another language in the following cases:

  1. If the degree programme is teaching another language;
  2. If (a part of) the degree programme is by a guest speaker or is taught by a non-Dutch speaking teacher;
  3. If the specific nature of the institute, the design and the quality of the education or the origins of the students make it necessary, according to a code of conduct that is approved by the institution’s executive;

Concerning the use of English language for ICBS’s international programme (Bachelor of Business Administration CROHO 39226), we will guarantee that:

  • The official language of the business administration programme is English, with the accepted norm of written English as used in the United Kingdom;
  • The international BBA (undergraduate) degree programme that Inter College offers will be offered and taught solely in the English language;
  • All information on provisions, procedures and processes as well as general study information will be provided in the English language;
  • Students and staff are expected to have achieved and maintain a level of English at or above that described in the entry requirements and programme descriptions (EER);
  • ICBS offers adequate and regular Dutch language classes to promote Dutch culture to all its students studying in the Netherlands;

ICBS commits itself to the entire Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education. You can download the code of conduct here.

What the Code of Conduct international students in Dutch Higher Education means and who, when and why a complaint can be lodged by the National Commission, can be found here.

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