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Academic & personal support

Inter College Business School ensures students have regular contact with a teaching staff member who will provide all advice and guidance during the students’ academic journey.

Each student is assigned a ‘Process Tutor’ who will provide personal academic support for students. Our tutors work with students throughout the year, ensuring they are able to reach their ambitions and are fully equipped to thrive in tomorrow’s business world.

Academic support for students

‘Academic Supervisors’ are also provided to offer further academic support for students during their graduation phase.

Academic support for students

  • Each student is assigned a personal Process Tutor. Students meet with their tutor every month to evaluate their progression whilst setting and planning for academic goals. Personal tutors are able to assist students with all aspects of their programme planning and provide support and guidance on academic and career issues.
  • During lesson weeks, all Process Tutors are available to students for academic support.
  • Our tutoring structure, in addition to the Inter College Business School open-door policy, where students are easily able to access the staff room to speak with any teacher, results in a very positive, personal learning atmosphere within Inter College Business School, which is much appreciated by students and staff alike.


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Personal Support

Student support is organised through the administration office. Staff are able to help with general questions regarding the university and living in the Netherlands. Staff at the International Administration Office also assist students in submission and collection of required documents, including all aspects of registration and residence permits.

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