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Application Process

To study at Inter College Business School, below are some important steps to consider when applying with us

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How to apply

The application process is very straightforward.

Below we give you a short overview of the application process. Please contact us at if you have any questions and we will be happy to guide you through the college application steps.

For EU/EEA applicants or Non-EU/EEA applicants without entry visa obligation


Request and fill in the application form and send the required application supporting documents to start your application. Details of the required documents can be found in the Application Form.

The documents you provide will be assessed by the Admissions Committee. You will be informed of their evaluation and we will then arrange a chat over the phone or to meet in person. After the chat, you will be informed of the possible enrolment through a document called the Study Agreement. An Acceptance Letter and/or invoices will be sent to you after you decide to join the chosen programme at Inter College Business School.



A Registration Letter will be issued to you to confirm your place at Inter College Business School after the first payment has been received.

You are expected to start your programme at Inter College Business School one week prior to your course start date. Please inform us of your arrival date at least three working days in advance.



You did it!

Your admissions counselor will take you step-by-step through all the enrolment forms to ensure you are prepared for the journey ahead. We look forward to meeting you at orientation and later, in class.

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