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Upcoming Events


Stay tuned for upcoming events and webinars that will allow you to get to know the college better, meet our staff and faculty, bring along your questions to an interactive platform and explore if our boutique business school is the ideal fit for you.

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Guest lecture: José Evers - XXS - 27 October

On October 27, José Evers, Strategy Partner at XXS, will give a guest lecture to the students of Inter College Business School. Mr Evers has worked for Heineken, DDB and as a partner and strategist of XXS he was responsible for the campaign in which Route Mobiel competed against market leader ANWB. He was also at the basis of the brand strategy for Marqt and has experienced first-hand how Tango has changed the Dutch petrol landscape.

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Thursday 28 October: Business Visit - Tomatoworld

Tomatoworld is an exhibition that focuses on the global food challenge of feeding 9.8 billion mouths in 2050. They will take our students along in the global challenges of climate change, food waste, fresh water scarcity, urbanisation, finiteness of fossil fuels and availability and safety of food.

Entrepreneurs As Teachers
Experience Day

Experience what studying at Inter College is all about.

Come by for an entire day and learn more about our entrepreneurial teachers and hear about our innovative pop-up projects.

Speak with our students to get a gist of what student life is like and learn more about their experience with us.


Het Arsenaal Naarden
Visit to Het Arsenaal - 8 December

More than twenty years ago, the Netherlands' most famous interior architect (and our former student!) Jan des Bouvrie senior opened 'Het Arsenaal' to use it as a home furnishings store and showroom for his designs. Het Arsenaal has developed into the Netherlands' leading concept store for interior design, luxury, gastronomy, jewelry, fashion & lifestyle:

Past Events


GreenTech Amsterdam
Visit to Green Tech 29 September

The aim of this visit is to introduce and bind the students of Inter College to the Horticultural sector. By introducing the students at GreenTech to the latest innovations, global industry and practice, we try to respond to the changing labor market and the demand for new talent. It is the place for knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. Students are introduced to an inspiring sector and are challenged to solve global, societal challenges.

Impliva Umbrellas
Business visit: Impliva 6 October

The most indispensable product in the Netherlands: an umbrella! On October 6 we are going to visit the mecca of the umbrellas: Impliva, the umbrella specialists. They supply all the umbrellas you can think of. Otherwise, they make custom umbrellas. The students get a special look at the world in the production of this traditional Dutch product.

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